Judi Todd

Judi serves as the Finance Director, where her expertise in financial management and strategic planning plays a pivotal role.
(480) 830-2700


Judi is dedicated to enhancing client relationships and driving the success of her firm through rigorous financial discipline and clear, transparent budgeting. Judi's approach to finance is client-centered, ensuring that every budget she oversees is not only detailed and comprehensive but also easily understandable. This commitment to clarity and transparency helps build trust and facilitates better decision-making within the firm. Her career is distinguished by a strong dedication to service quality. By setting clear financial expectations, Judi provides exceptional service that meets client needs and supports the firm's goals. Her strategic insights are crucial in shaping the firm's financial strategies, aligning them closely with client objectives to promote growth and ensure mutual satisfaction. Outside of her professional commitments, Judi has a rich personal life. She is a devoted family person, an avid animal lover who extends her care to any stray she encounters, and a skilled woodworker. These passions reflect her caring nature and her ability to bring meticulous detail and creativity to everything she does.

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