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International Search Reports

What is an International Search Report? An International Search Report (ISR) relates to an international…

Patent Term Adjustment

What is Patent Term Adjustment? Patent Term Adjustment (PTA) is additional days of patent term…

Understanding Patent Office Actions

Stage One is a Simple Paperwork Review After the patent application is filed, the US…

Patent Filing Receipts

What is a Filing Receipt? When a patent application is filed electronically, an initial electronic…

Published Patent Applications

When Does an Application Publish? Unless a patent application is requested to be kept confidential,…

Trademark Statements of Use and Declarations of Continued Use

Trademark Rights Can Extend Forever Use of a trademark by a business gives limited rights…

Patent Issue Notification

What is a Patent Issue Notification? Congratulations on your patent being approved to issue!  Prior…

Patent Applicant’s Duty to Disclose

Duty to Disclose Relevant References to US Patent Office In the United States and several…

Patent Grant Notice

My Patent Granted – Now What? Congratulations on your patent being granted!  On the date…

The Patent Process

How Long Does it Take to Get a Patent? The process to get a patent…


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